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The schedule for sending MLS invoices 2024 is as follows:

Invoices emailed 12-5-2023, are DUE by 4pm 1-2-2024       * MLS Access will be disabled on 1-9-2024

Invoices emailed 3-5-2024, are DUE by 4pm 4-2-2024         * MLS Access will be disabled on 4-9-2024

Invoices emailed 6-4-2024, are DUE by 4pm 7-2-2024         * MLS Access will be disabled on 7-9-2024

Invoices emailed 9-3-2024, are DUE by 4pm 10-1-2024       * MLS Access will be disabled on 10-8-2024

Invoices emailed 12-3-2024, are DUE by 4pm 1-7-2025       * MLS Access will be disabled on 1-14-2025

*Late fees will be applied to payments received AFTER ABOVE DUE DATES.

If you do not receive an invoice within one week of the date “invoices are emailed”, it is the responsibility of the Broker/MLS Participant to contact the Board Office to have a replacement invoice emailed to them. 

A $100.00 late fee (per Broker/Participant), plus a $10.00 per agent/user late fee will be applied to all payments received after 4:00pm on the above DUE dates.  It is the responsibility of each Broker/MLS Participant to submit Full Payment for all MLS Users within their office(s).

A $35.00 returned check fee will be charged for all checks returned for NSF. An office may be put on a “cash only” notice if that office has two checks returned for NSF.


            Section 4 – If dues, fees, fines or other assessments including amounts owed to the Board or the Board’s Multiple Listing service are not paid by the due date, the nonpaying Member is subject to removal from MLS access, suspension and/or termination.

MLS Rules & Regulations:

            Section 6 – Refunds: Fees paid by any Participant shall be the immediate property of the Northeast Georgia Board of REALTORS®. (1) Resignation from the Service shall not entitle the resigning Participant to a refund of any portion of fees paid prior to resignation. (2) No resigning Participant shall be relieved from any obligation for charges incurred for services or benefits actually rendered by the Service prior to such resignation.

Distributed to Brokers via email and posted on Navica MLS.